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The Practice of Moses Weksler, Ph.D.

I have been in practice for over 30 years with extensive experience in individual and group therapy, innovative hypnotherapy, forensic psychology, pain management, and overweight adolescents and adults.

I, further, have extensive involvement with personal injury litigation, IMES and consultation, and disability IMES and make court appearances as an expert witness in personal injury and child custody cases. I am an independent consultant for N.Y. Presbyterian Hospital, Maimonides Hospital, and North Shore University Hospital.

My practice is multiphasic and eclectic and I am also a specialist in orthodox Jewish practitioner experiences and with observant and secular Jews.

I have two practice locations for your convenience: Bayside and Brooklyn.


  • Board Certified Clinical Psychologist with 33 years of experience utilizing psychodynamic and electic psychotherapy
  • Board Certified Psychologist with expertise in pain management
  • Innovative hypnosis for over wieght, obese adolescents and adults, reduction and alleviation of trauma, anxiety and depression
  • Personal Injury Litigation, IMES, and Forensic Consultation
  • Disability IMES
  • Independent Consultant at New York Prebyterian Hospital and Maimonides Hospital

Other areas of concentration

  • Working with stress related difficulties in individual, group, and family treatment.
  • Focus on independent medical evaluations and plaintiff work for personal injury cases.
  • Supervise staff therapists in individual, group, and family treatmet as well as in psychological testing.
  • Full evaluation and treatment for troubled court referred families, individuals, and couples. Extensive experience interviewing and psychodiagnostic evaluations of families and children. Presentation of findings in court as expert witness.
  • Individual, group, and family outpatient treatment with adult and adolescent clients. Phychological evaluations for adolescents and children. Full detailed reports for court referrals.

Key professional information

  • Registered in National Registry for Private Practice in Psychology
  • Clinical Psychologist: New York State License No. 05186
  • Diplomate in Clinical Psychology awarded by: The American Board of Professional Psychology - August 1981, No. 0844
  • Diplomate in Pain Management awarded by: The American Academy of Pain Management - January 1994, No. 0844
  • Fellow of the Academy of Clinical Psychology - January 1994, No. 0844
  • Board Certified in Forensic Psychology - Specializing in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - 1998


Hofstra University

Sept. 1964 - June 1968

B.A. Psychology


Long Island University

Sept. 1968 - July 1972

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology


New York University Medical Center

Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital

Sept. 1971 - Sept. 1972


New York University Medical Center

Department of Enviromental Medicine

Sept. 1972 - Sept. 1974

Publications, Research Interests, and Professional Affiliations


  1. Stimulation and Adjustment Features of Defensive and Non-Defensive Repressers and Sensitizers. Dissertation Abstracts 1974
  2. "White Professors in a Black College: Rewards and Pitfalls" , Improving University and College Teaching, November 1977
  3. "Resistances to Communication Between Minority Students and Caucasian Population in a University Setting", Improving University and College Teaching, December 1978
  4. Preparation for publication of "Multi Modal Treatment Approach to Classical Migraine Headaches."

Reseach Interests:

  1. Relationship between stress and its effect on mental and physical health.
  2. Psychosocial determinants as related to mental health in young people.

Professional Affiliations:

American Psychological Association

American Board of Professional Psychologists

American Academy of Pain Management

American Academy of Forensic Psychology