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Gems and minerals have been around for thousands of years.  Ancient cultures utilized gem therapy for healing the sick, attaining higher spiritual states of consciousness as well as talismans for protection and guidance.  

In modern times, crystals draw large crowds of people for a number of reasons.  People purchase crystals for their beauty, energy as well as their natural healing power.  Everything, including crystals, is composed of energy.  Crystals emanate a high vibration or frequency and can be used to balance the chakras (energy centers) in the body as well as infuse a positive energy to the person using them.

Crystals can be placed on “chakras” to bring the body back into alignment so energy can flow in a natural, harmonious rhythm.  The colors of the crystals correspond to the seven colors of the chakras:  red or black (root chakra), orange (sacral), yellow (solar plexus), pink or green (heart), blue (throat), indigo (3rd eye), and violet or white (crown).


Text Box: Amethyst 

The Amethyst crystal corresponds to the 3rd eye chakra.

Some properties include:
Charges an environment with positive, uplifting energy.
Increases perception and intuitive abilities.
Induces night of restful sleep.
Facilitates connection with the physical to the spiritual plane.





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 Crystal Healing Session (60 minutes) - $75.00

Crystal Healing with Reiki Session (60 minutes) - $80.00

Vibrational Tools for Transformation Workshop - $30.00  


Sue Marcus has been a Certified Usui Reiki Master for 11 years and has been practicing Karuna Reiki (which means compassionate action) for 14+ years.  She is also a Licensed Esthetician for 5 years and has specialized in Aromatherapy and Crystal Workshops for 5 years.  Her quest for inner fulfillment and a deeper meaning for life began 22 years ago when she began a spiritual path studying the discipline of meditation.  It brought her to a place of inner stillness and serenity.  Following her meditation journey led her to discover an extraordinary healing modality called “Reiki”.  What impressed Sue the most was “Reiki” was unique because it was one of the only healing modalities you can treat yourself as well as others.  Reiki became a strong pillar for Sue and a foundation she would base her spiritual practice on. The path of Reiki has taught Sue that miracles are not only possible but occur everyday and believing in the EXTRAORDINARY shifts your reality.  Search deep within yourself and answers will be provided for you. Sue has appeared on Channel 12 doing Reiki treatments on animals as well as featured in Natural Awakenings promoting holistic workshops and her Reiki and skincare practice.

Sue expanded her skincare practice by creating the “Reiki” or “Therapeutic Facial”.  Her clients provided positive feedback of the 3-in-one facial (European facial integrated with Reiki Energy and Aromatherapy) that left the skin with a radiant, glowing complexion and the physical body re-energized and revitalized.