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Let me show you that  there is much sense in how and why you have been suffering.

There are reasons  for addictions, depression, anxieties, OCD;  havoc in relationships, and many other forms of emotional suffering.  

Childhood and adult traumas require the child and or adult  to repress  feelings in the body 

The child or adult who experiences traumas, loss, abandonment, dysfunctional families,   will automatically and unconsciously defend their emotional being by repressing or "not feeling"  the emotional pain of these events in order to survive their experiences and traumas.

And that is how survival mode has kept us alive.  But very often, and  over time this will   lead  to  suffering major emotional and terrible consequences of codependency and addictive relationships.

Addictions come in many forms including  substances , like , nicotine ;  food addictions , including anorexia ;  bulimia ; bulimic exercising ; drugs;  alcohol ;  marijuana ;  relationships;  sex and or love  as  addictions ;  spending; hoarding;  religious addictions  and many others.

These addictions helped us to survive and block out the unfelt pain and anguish and rage,  that had to be repressed and contained in our minds and bodies  , in order for,  especially the child,  to survive. 

But they no longer serve the same purpose , "to survive " and very often , years later, just the opposite purpose which  leads to both emotional death including mental illness and physical death as our bodies become overcome with substances and or disease  and self abuse  which can and does ultimately kill .  

The Healing process involves having a life coach;  witness,  to what happened to the child /adult and to access the unfelt feelings and memories that the unconscious and physical body has stored and kept hidden from the  traumatized child /adult.

Through various life coach and healing techniques in a safe comfortable  environment the witness, life coach serves to help the client uncover the truth, through simple techniques ,  and the unfelt memories and feelings that  can be finally and   safely released from the body and mind so that the need for " mood altering "  substances , people , places and things are no longer substitutes for what the healthier , feeling recovering person needs.

This holistic approach  allows the person to benefit in all areas of life including relationships, jobs and careers, schooling  and with additional  economic freedoms  to make choices that fulfill the individuals life purposes which become clearer,  and  self empowering goals towards the best possible emotional and physical health and a life that is both rewarding and fulfilling.


Harley Alden,  MS, CAC (Master of Science; Counselor of Addictions)

                                          Life Coach