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Holistic  Healing Consultation  

Ted Hanlon has been in the Natural Healing field for the past twenty years. He has diplomas as a Master Herbalist and a Holistic Health Practitioner.  He has educated thousands of clients with medical conditions such as; AIDS, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, organ disorders, immune disorders, cold and flu, constipation, digestive disorders, lack of energy and weight loss.  For a consultation call (516) 568-7788


“I was diagnosed with HIV. I implemented Mr. Hanlon’s protocol, and after 8 months my blood test came back HIV NEGATIVE.”

C.H.   Long Island, NY

“Your sugar balance and protocol helps with my diabetic situation. Your Intestinal formula #1 keeps me regular, and no more pressure on my bladder stopping my frequent bladder infections. I also lost weight.”

Eva.  Long Island, NY

“Your Intestinal Formula #1 helped me with constipation and flattened my stomach. I have family in Malaysia using your products for constipation, high blood pressure and to increase energy.

Ng.   Long Island NY

“I used your Intestinal Formula #1, and not only did I eliminate more and lose weight, I no longer have painful menstrual cycles and headaches”.

Eileen C. Long Island